Monday, March 22, 2010

Repo Men Review by William Kunz

It is a shame to start the blog with a bad review but this will hopefully get the worst out of the way. Repo Men was a film that had an awesome preview and two good leads, oscar nominated Jude Law and oscar winner Forest Whittaker, so naturally I was very excited for the movie and went in with high hopes, even though most critics despised it. The movie is about two men in the future(Law and Whittaker) whose job it is to reposess artificial organs whose owners can't afford payments, not to bad a plot kinda a rip off of Repo! The Genetic Opera, but maybe it will seperate itself from that monstrosity. Thirty minutes in I was still saying this isn't awful yet maybe they will explain some of the backstory later in the film, like why is the economy crumbling? and why does half of the city look great and the other like a slum? Boy was I wrong, the movie kept increasing the violence, which I don't mind I love violence but god this was almost more disturbing than most torture porn flicks like the SAW franchise, and they never explained anything. This all culminates to a bizzare sexualized scene where Jude Law and the female lead are cutting eachother open to scan in their bodyparts so they will be taken out of the system which was disgusting. In the end I walked out perplexed at why two great actors would sign on to this film it was just terrible. The director copy pasted scenes and scapes from such films like Blade Runner and Equilibrium and didn't even try to make it his own and instead tarnished their reputations.(Equilibrium didn't have much left to tarnish, it was already ripping off The Matrix). Overall this film was poorly scripted and just a big sloppy mess that didn't deserve my six dollars and twenty five cents.

Rating 1.5 out of 4

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